Advantages of steel radiators: right choice for comfort and economy

In the twenty first century, the requirements for heating systems are rapidly changing. Energy efficiency, ergonomics and environmental friendliness come to the fore. Endless cast-iron accordions give way to compact and stylish panels that fit perfectly on the wall and into niches.

From general heating system to autonomous one

As energy prices rise, the issue of heating efficiency becomes more acute. There is a massive rejection of centralized networks in the world. Residential and public buildings are switching to autonomous heating systems, and this takes the use of steel radiators to a new level.

Traditional cast-iron batteries are in the past, so the era of “hot boxes” irrevocably disappears along with centralized networks. Bimetallic radiators are also mainly intended for systems with remote boiler rooms and are of high cost. Aluminum batteries have excellent efficiency, but are prone to corrosion.

Therefore, in the context of the global transition to autonomous heat supply, consumers are increasingly choosing steel panel radiators. These are technological and energy-efficient products with excellent performance indicators.

Over the life of the device all the investments are fully paid back by the warmth, compactness and absence of startup problems. It is enough to turn on the boiler, and the radiators heat up in a matter of minutes. In just a couple of hours, a comfortable temperature is set in the room.

Consumer independently determines the heating level of the radiator and regulates the heat supply in each section of the house or apartment network. To do this, just turn the valve and select the desired mode. Only the required area is heated without loss of heat and money.

Less sections, more heat

 Consumers of traditional heating systems are used to the fact that bulky registers take up living space and they are often located in inconvenient places.

Steel radiators completely solve this problem, because panels are available in a wide range of sizes. Desired width and height of the panel is selected for each room.

For example, in a bathroom or small bathtub, it is enough to install a radiator of a minimum size, the height starts from 30 cm. And in the living room it is possible to set a battery or a group of appliances whose power corresponds to the heated area and air volume.

Heating is calculated for each room without average data and assumptions according to a special table. This is another energy efficiency factor and an argument in favor of choosing steel panel radiators.

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