UTERM Ukraine plant produced the millionth radiator

June 20, 2019, UTERM Ukraine produced the millionth heating radiator. Exactly two years have passed since the opening of the enterprise in June 2017.

Such success was вгу to the coordinated and effective work of the whole team – employees of the plant, management, and sales department. Very soon, the millionth UTERM radiator will begin to generously heat and make life more comfortable for the end-user of our products.

High manufacturability and compliance with international quality standards is also a paramount factor for the success of UTERM Ukraine steel radiators in the domestic and international markets. Customers from 13 countries trust us, and in 2019 we expanded our exports to five markets.

A stable management and production team is the result of a European approach to the organization of production and another important leadership factor for UTERM Ukraine. 

Investments in staff training and professional development, the exchange of experience, and the introduction of advanced production standards open up new opportunities for further production buildup and geographic growth.

Full ahead – to new successes and achievements. UTERM Ukraine brand is worthy of recognition – we produce a world-class Ukrainian product.

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