Uterm keeps up to date with latest interior trends in 2020

Personalisation is the main trend of 2020. People want to realise all their bold decisions and create a warm and stylish atmosphere in their apartments and homes. They look for something to make their place stand out and still be very comfortable. Uterm introduces new interior solution on the market of radiators. Now you can choose a heating radiator of any color.

It was never the matter of choice with radiators. Nobody payed that much attention to it because there was the only one option on the market – white radiator. Times change along with trends and various choices. Why not to add more colours to palette and develop a personalised heating radiator of just the right color you need for you interior?

UTERM team wants to meet customers needs and introduces new conceptual decision. UTERM products are presented in 14 countries. Now you can order the radiator of any color from RAL palette. We made sure to keep high quality of production and style as we know how important is to enjoy the place you stay in.

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