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Uterm Ukraine is the No. 1 steel panel radiator manufacturer in Ukraine. it took us just six years to achieve leadership and continue confidently moving forward – we are expanding the product range, entering new markets, and building up production.

How we make Uterm steel radiators

We have equipped the workshop with advanced equipment; we value and protect our staff. All plant employees undergo systematic training and upgrade their skills.

The company’s engineers have studied hundreds of heating appliances, compared the characteristics and technical parameters of dozens of brands. As a result, specialists have developed Uterm radiators – a high-tech Ukrainian product with the following features:

  • energy efficiency,
  • ergonomics,
  • environmental friendliness.

We place a premium on the interests of the end-user, who receives a high-quality heating product for rooms for various purposes and of various area. Therefore, we built a cycle on the principle of Swiss watch production: 

  • quality control of incoming raw materials,
  • adjustment of production lines with micron accuracy of each operation,
  • production of radiators according to the process regulations,
  • control of parameters at each stage,
  • packaging and preparation for shipment to any distance.

Human participation in the production process is minimized. At the same time, the operators and adjusters are our watchmakers, who pedantically control each line unit in the workshop.

One radiator goes through eight stages of production

At first glance, it seems that a steel radiator is a simple product, stamped and welded from metal. In fact, the technology includes eight stages of production:

  • metal slitting,
  • stamping,
  • welding,
  • testing,
  • surface treatment,
  • priming,
  • painting,
  • packaging.

Production begins with quality control of incoming raw materials. Next, quality control is performed at each stage of the process cycle.

Every day we handle 40 tons of metal. Some of the heating devices are immediately sent to customers, some remains in stock. That is why we provide deliveries within three days – heating devices of all types are always available.

Also, at the request of partners, we expand the range – add new types and sizes of radiators.

Uterm Ukraine has proved its worth as a supplier that clearly fulfills contractual obligations and ensures timely shipment. This is the result of a conscious attitude to quality standards.

Our partners, whom we produce radiators under Private Label agreements for, trust us. This contributes to the saturation of the market with high-quality heating devices. We see the partnership as the fulfillment of our mission – warm houses with economical and efficient radiators.

Metal slitting

The production cycle begins with metal slitting. We choose cold rolled steel made in accordance with international standards. Upon receipt of the batch, we conduct a thorough incoming inspection of raw materials for compliance with the declared characteristics. 

The steel further enters the blank section and, according to the production plan, is slit into strips of the required width.

Metal slitting is a micron-accurate technological and painstaking process. This ensures absolute compliance with the height standards for each size.


The contours of future steel panel radiators are formed in the stamping shop, where 19 high-precision modern electronic controlled machine tools operate. 

Each is responsible for stamping specific parts: external and internal panels, convectors, side walls, and covers. 

Presses operate automatically and are software programmable. The electronic brain provides impeccable print accuracy of every part. 

The panels are formed at a pressure of 500 tons at a speed of 70 beats per minute. This initially forms the ideal geometry of the finished device.


Welding of steel panel radiators is a key production phase. The LEAS line (Italy) was developed specifically for the Uterm plant and was installed by the manufacturer in 2017. LEAS offered advanced technology and software that smoothly supports robots.

Human participation in the welding cycle is minimized. The task of the operator is to feed blanks. Then the radiator is assembled as a construction set – the parts are welded in strict sequence by spot and roller welding.

The line is run by operators, a setup engineer, and electronic engineers who control software settings. In parallel, the data is processed and sent to the LEAS server.

This provides triple control of the accuracy of welding parts – line operators, plant engineers, and LEAS specialists. A high-quality product is created – the ergonomic, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly Uterm steel panel radiator. 

Together with LEAS, we pursue an increase in the productivity of the welding line. Improving the software in conjunction with the highly qualified staff of Uterm reduces the time required to change the line.

On an annualized basis, this saves hundreds of hours. We produce thousands of additional instruments through rational production optimization.


After welding, each radiator is tested in a test bath, which is serviced by two operators. The finished device is completely immersed in a special protective solution under a pressure of 13 atmospheres. The slightest leakage appears within 2-3 seconds.

The scheme of the process cycle at the Uterm plant, the settings of the stamping presses, and the welding line practically eliminate the rejects. At the same time, quality control at each stage is a mandatory stage in the process flow, and the test bath is an impartial controller.

A pedantic approach to the quality of products under the Uterm or Private Label brand is the key value of Uterm Ukraine. This is the way the reputation, the name on the international market, the trust of partners are formed. 

Therefore, our radiators withstand any tests for strength, tightness, and energy efficiency.

step_5_surface treatment
Surface treatment

We use innovative technologies of chemical treatment, which includes three stages of cleaning and preparation for priming and painting:

  1. Complete degreasing of the inner and outer surfaces.
  2. Elimination of scale, dirt, the smallest fibers, and dust particles.
  3. Protective nanoceramic coating with a thickness of 100 nm.

Deep and technologically advanced surface treatment provides high paint adhesion and anti-corrosion protection of the radiator. It also helps to increase the shelf life of products and reduces sensitivity to low temperatures, which is especially important during transportation and storage in the cold season.  

We use chemicals and formulations safe for humans and the environment. Our partners are Henkel Japan and Zemtech, known as the top-grade product manufacturers.


Priming prepares the radiator for powder coating. The device is completely immersed in a viscous soil bath. Liquid paint envelops the panels, penetrates the bends of the convector, fills in possible irregularities.

Uterm uses a primer of the Japanese company – Kansai – a manufacturer famous for its highly adhesive products.

The production cycle is designed so that after complete immersion, the radiator slowly passes through the primer. Excess flows down as the device rises, the speed is calculated with pinpoint accuracy. 

The product, dried at 130°C and coated with a film of the same thickness, with the ideal undercoat for the final coating, enters the paint-spraying booth.


Uterm uses fail-safe and time-tested powder coating and baking technology. 

Particles of snow-white powder with a different charge tightly envelop the outer panels, top plates, and covers, and cover the inner surfaces with a layer of a given thickness. The cloud envelops the radiator – from below, from above, from the sides.

The radiator then enters the baking chamber, where the powder is baked at 210°C. Light gloss emphasizes the whiteness of the surfaces and uniformity of coating. The standard thickness of the paint layer is 100 microns.

The quality control service performs the output control of all parameters: layer thickness, adhesion, uniformity of coating. Factory standards apply to all products, regardless of brand.


A completely finished radiator enters the packaging line. Operators pack each unit in a dense plastic film, put on corner protectors with service holes. Each package is complete with a data sheet and an installation kit. 

These are fastening brackets, an air vent for a screwdriver, plugs, screws and dowels, plastic retainer-gaskets. Bottom connection radiators are additionally equipped with a valve insert.

The consumer receives a steel radiator, completely ready for installation. There is no need to remove polyethylene – the device is mounted in a package. After the completion of repair and finishing works, it appears in all its glory and generously gives up the heat on cold winter days and nights.

UTERM Ukraine

The Uterm Ukraine Company produces steel panel radiators, according to the highest quality standards. This is confirmed by international certificates and tests in independent laboratories in Austria, Turkey, and Poland.

The Highest Value of Uterm Ukraine

The Uterm plant has a quality control system at every stage of production, which is implemented, according to ISO 9001 standards. This guarantees the end-user a European-quality product, which is confirmed by the CE marking. 

Moreover, all products that we ship from the warehouse of the Uterm plant are insured by the partner company.

The heart of the Uterm plant—the LEAS robotized line—has no analogues. The Italian partners manufactured the equipment in 2017 especially for us, using the most advanced technologies. 

The length of the electronic control cabinets corresponds to the length of the line itself. This is technical excellence, and no company in the world decides to compete with LEAS. 

We masterfully mastered the work on unique equipment and, in collaboration with Italian colleagues, we are working on improving the production cycle. The introduction of new options has a positive effect on performance and quality. 

European Certification and Stringent Strength Tests

The cherished CE marking is an iron product quality guarantee. The European Union has stringent technological, environmental, and operational standards for pressurized systems. This is regulated by Directive 97/23/EC. 

Passing certification is a painstaking process, and, in order to successfully obtain a conclusion on compliance with EN 442, it is necessary to fulfill all the requirements of the Directive. 

We have turned to the Heatest Independent Laboratory for Testing and Certification of Heating Element (Czech Republic). Our partner is accredited by the German company Din Certco and it is the authorized body for issuing reports for evaluating the performance of products.

Furthermore, Uterm steel radiators have certificates:

  • Conclusion of the state sanitary and epidemiological examination of the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection,
  • Certificate of Conformity of the state certification system of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine,
  • Certificate of Conformity of the GOST R Certification System of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (RF);
  • Technical Certificate of Suitability of materials and products for use in construction of the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus.

We systematically go to independent laboratories to test the Uterm products and subject the radiators to stringent salt spray tests. The heater “ages” for 10 years during 240 hours in a special chamber under a pressure of 13 atmospheres.

The Uterm radiators, regardless of brand, can withstand 500 hours. This is a double margin of safety and confirmation of real quality control at every stage of production. 

Our mission

Production of radiators of European quality for domestic and foreign markets

10-Year Warranty

Trouble-free operation of heating devices throughout the entire warranty period

Product Insurance

Guaranteed delivery of products without damage, regardless of the batch and the recipient country

Modern Metal Processing Technologies

Radiator protection using advanced nanoceramic coating technology

Test pressure of 13 atmospheres

Confirmation of the strength of radiators by testing in a special chamber for 500 hours

Compliance with the EN 442 International Standard

The conclusion of the Heatest independent laboratory (Czech Republic) gives the right to the CE marking

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