UTERM Ukraine launches production of 21s, 30 and 33-type radiators

July 22, 2019, UTERM Ukraine launched production of 21s (slim), 30, and 33-type steel panel radiators. Customers contributed to the expansion of the product range – there were numerous requests to begin production of these three types of radiators.

The UTERM Ukraine management evaluated the demand for these products and decided to start production. The adjustment and updating of the LEAS welding line programs were completed as soon as possible, and the first radiator entered the packaging line as planned.

Lots of finished products are ready for sale; radiators are also shipped on pre-order, available since May 2019.

Meeting customer needs and offering quality service is part of the corporate philosophy of UTERM Ukraine. Therefore, during the first year after the launch of the plant in Chuguev, we achieved leadership in the domestic market and began exporting products.

21s (slim) 30, and 33-type steel panel radiators are available in all sizes, with side and bottom connections. See “Products” to find more about technical specifications and product features.

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