Side-mounted radiators

UTERM Ukraine engineers have developed an innovative upper cover, which increases heat transfer by 2%

Advantages of steel radiators: right choice for comfort and economy

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Side-mounted radiators

The UTERM Ukraine Company produces steel panel side-mounted radiators, according to the Company’s quality standards in a full assortment of sizes. This allows you to equip a residential or office building with products under one brand.

UTERM Radiators: Easy Installation and Efficient Operation

You get a kit that is completely ready for installation. Easily install UTERM radiators in an existing system or create a new network. Subject to the technical standards, maximum heat transfer and uninterrupted operation of heating devices are ensured. 

We offer radiators with three installation types:

  1. Diagonal. It provides the highest efficiency factor—heat is radiated over the entire area of the panels. A hot coolant delivery pipe enters the upper pipe and exits at the lower part on the opposite side.
  1. Side-mounted type on a one-sided circuit. With this method, the inlet and outlet pipes are located on one side and come to the surface in two points only. This minimizes the visible portion of the arrangement.
  1. Side-mounted bottom type. It is used in cases where pipes are led away under the floor due to the inability to hide the arrangement behind a false wall or in a toothing course.

The type and size of devices depend on the room, the heated area, and the installation location. At the same time, due to the high efficiency factor, compact sections of the required size are used. 

The UTERM product sizes

The UTERM range of radiators includes seven types of heaters:

  • UTERM Compact TYPE 33
  • UTERM Compact TYPE 30
  • UTERM Compact TYPE 22
  • UTERM Compact TYPE 21s (slim)
  • UTERM Compact TYPE 20
  • UTERM Compact TYPE 11
  • UTERM Compact TYPE 10

Each radiator is made in sizes:

  • Height – 300, 500, 600 mm
  • Length – 400–3000 mm

We help to ensure efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly heating of premises of any size and purpose. We produce radiators that can be easily integrated into a tiny niche or placed under a narrow window sill.

At the same time, the consumer uses certified products with the operation warranty for 10 years. Therefore, UTERM radiators are recommended for installation in kindergartens, schools, hospitals, and other facilities with high requirements for hygiene and environmental friendliness. 

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