Bottom-mounted radiators

UTERM Ukraine is a modern full-cycle production plant operating in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

Advantages of steel radiators: right choice for comfort and economy

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Bottom-mounted radiators

The UTERM Ukraine Company produces steel panel bottom-mounted radiators in all sizes.

This allows you to easily develop a heating plan for rooms with non-standard interior solutions. 

UTERM Radiators: Three Mounting Options and Sizes to Choose From

The bottom-mounted heating appliances are often used in rooms, the design of which focuses on aesthetic qualities. Communications should be securely hidden, and radiators—harmoniously fit into the interior. 

Due to the UTERM products, you can easily achieve the desired result. At the same time, high energy efficiency of the heating system is maintained. Our engineers made sure that the panel with the coolant should give out maximum heat and quickly heat the room.

Simplicity of installation is another advantage of bottom-mounted radiators, which we offer in three versions: 

  1. One-sided connection. The coolant entry and exit points are compactly located on one side of the radiator. This ensures the circulation of the coolant in the upper part of the panels, and cold water is discharged through the pipe without loss in efficiency.
  1. Two-sided connection. It is recommended for installation in private residences. With a saddle (side) installation, the coolant is supplied in any direction—from bottom to top or top to bottom, which has a positive influence on energy efficiency and the heating rate of the room.
  1. Two-sided diagonal connection. With this type of hot carrier is fed from the bottom up and it is discharged through the outlet in the lower part of the radiator from the opposite side. This ensures uniform heating of the panel and heat transfer.

The aesthetic and practical UTERM radiators fit perfectly into the interior. At the same time, heating appliances of various types and sizes can be used in one room. 

The UTERM product sizes

The UTERM range of bottom-mounted radiators includes seven types of heaters:

  • UTERM Ventil Compact TYPE 33
  • UTERM Ventil Compact TYPE 30
  • UTERM Ventil Compact TYPE 22
  • UTERM Ventil Compact TYPE 21s (slim)
  • UTERM Ventil Compact TYPE 20
  • UTERM Ventil Compact TYPE 11
  • UTERM Ventil Compact TYPE 10

Each radiator is made in sizes:

  • Height – 300, 500, 600 mm
  • Length – 400–3000 mm

The variability of sizes allows you to install our products in buildings for various purposes. Safety and environmental friendliness of the UTERM Ukraine radiators are confirmed by quality certificates and CE marking.

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